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LoanOfficerMagazine.com is the only loan officer magazine ONLINE exclusively for mortgage loan originators providing step-by-step sales and marketing ideas to help the mortgage loan originator increase their business.

As a subscriber, you will receive guerrilla sales and marketing ideas, sample advertisements; information you can use with your mortgage newsletters; sales and marketing ideas shared by superstar mortgage originators from throughout the country.

Karen Deis is the only loan officer magazine publisher who has been in the mortgage business for 28 years and knows what it takes to implement sales and marketing campaigns and strategies. She sifts thru thousands of guerrilla marketing ideas and concepts for the mortgage loan originator to save you time; make you more money and provide you with timely information on honing your skills and increasing your business.

After all, “you may just be the best mortgage loan originator in the entire world….but if no one knows about you..you’ll go broke.” Stop knocking yourself out, trying to reinvent the wheel. Subscribe to LoanOfficerMagazine.com for guerrilla sales and marketing concepts and ideas. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Subscriptions are available for the mortgage loan originator.

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