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Take Control and Innovate: How to Stop Losing Time to Outdated Systems and Draining Processes

I was recently on a call with a loan officer who stated that his clients don’t like technology. He is from a small town, and despite writing about 300 units per year, he accommodates most of his clients with paper documents and in-person meetings to help them complete the necessary paperwork. Also on the call was another loan officer who has amazing systems and automated processes -- he prides himself on creating systems that maximize his time and efficiency. It was clear to see that the first loan officer had a huge

You Need to Demand More from Your Clients, and Here’s Why.

Hello Loan Officers, and happy September! It is hard to believe that we are in the tail-end of summer and that fall is rapidly approaching. We are officially nearing the end of the year, but our industry is not slowing down yet. In fact, many of you are experiencing an influx in business and could benefit from having a few extra hours in each day to check off all of the boxes on your to-do list. That is why we are focusing on “time management” this month. We want to equip you with the strategies and practices to help you

Adding Value and Transparency to Overcome Price Objections: Here’s How to Do It and Why

Loan Officers, I don't need to tell you that we are in a busy season. The mortgage industry has never been so saturated with business, and many of you are excited about the challenge. But with many new clients comes the managing of their expectations as well. This is a key part of developing a long and happy relationship with a client. When was the last time you had a direct and transparent conversation with your client regarding their expectations for you, and vice versa? Or maybe I should ask, have

Rate Becomes an Issue when Value is not Perceived

Hello Loan Officers! Have you ever lost a deal over rate? Over price? Yes, I am sure you have. In fact, we all have. Let me be honest with you. If you are losing deals over rate or price, it may not be due to your company’s rates — YOU may be the problem!    The client called you, right? They may have even called you after a competitor that had an amazing price. But, they still chose to call you. Where does your mind go? You may assume that they called you to compare prices, so you go

Learn the REV System and Increase REVenue! (Free Download)

Hello Loan Officers! Today we are teaching you how to utilize the REV System -- a strategy to increase the value of the client experience so that you can stand out from the competition, close more sales, and increase your overall revenue. We encourage you to use this download as a tool to analyze your current process and ask yourself where you can add more value.
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Successful People Always do This to Become Popular

Alright Loan Officers, let’s talk about something that has become incredibly important over the last few years: your personal brand. I know many of you regularly promote the company you work for -- that is awesome and you should absolutely continue to do so -- but it is just as important to build and promote your personal brand! The more you can convey that you are the all-around expert in your field, the more value you automatically bring to the home buying journey. Your clients are trusting you with the largest

Why Did You Lose That Deal?

Every month I would analyze my closings and pre-quals, but the most important analysis I did was to determine why I did not get the deal—or why I lost the deal during processing/closing.   Was it due to interest rates?  Closing costs?  Real estate agent issues?  No loan program?  Clients did not qualify?  The property did not appraise?  Basically, ANYTHING that resulted in losing the deal from inception up to not getting the loan to the closing table! This was absolutely the most valuable part of my success. It…

Why Real Estate Agents Need to Stop Advertising Mortgage Rates

Written by:  Jillayne Schlicke is CEO of CE Forward, Inc. and the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Fiduciaries. Real estate agents ought to consider best practices with regard to “advertising,” which can include posting about rates on social media, or holding yourself out as being able to make a loan. Let’s start with the definition of a “Loan Originator” from The Dodd Frank Act. You can read the very long and detailed definition:   (1) Loan originator. (i) For purposes

Realtor® Done4U Article: 5 Signs that You Are Micro-Managing Your Files

In the real estate business, attention to detail is hugely important.  In fact, it can cost you and the company a lot of money (and maybe even your license) if you screw up. However, there is a point where micro-managing your files can also damage your productivity and your happiness in this business. Here are the five signs to look out for: You are never quite satisfied with anything, and even “perfect” is not good enough. You are constantly frustrated because “that’s not the way you would have done it.”…

Client Done4U Article: What You Didn’t Learn in School – Six Tips from the Financial Experts!

Did you ever wish they had taught courses in personal money management in school?  Oh, they probably touched on it in high school.  Maybe a little bit in college—that is, if it was a course as part of your major! So, what we did was depend upon family, friends, and bankers and tax preparers to help direct our financial future. While I am not a financial planner, I found these six common questions and answers that people ask when it comes to managing their money… Should I hire a financial planner OR come up with my…