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7 Niche Seminar Topics To Explore

7 Niche Seminar Topics To Explore

Category: First-Time Home Buyers Seminar Title: Do You Know Where You Are Going to Live when Your Lease Is Up? How to buy your first home. Outline/Marketing Angle: How to save thousands of dollars by choosing a little-known mortgage program — and still get a...

Time To Reconsider Marketing to Baby Boomer Home Buyers

Time To Reconsider Marketing to Baby Boomer Home Buyers

What you will learn: The profile of a baby boomer Why they buy and sell more homes than any generation How to market to baby boomers I get it—millennials are the next generation of home buyers. But according to the National Association of Realtors, baby boomers come...

3 Ways To Tame The Time Management Dragon

3 Ways To Tame The Time Management Dragon

Someday Never Now, I have met some phenomenal, almost superhuman time-management gurus, but what I have found is that most of the population simply cannot envision themselves as ever being as well organized, as calendar-savvy or even as THAT interested as these...

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