Dear (Name of Attorney):

You are probably wondering why you are getting a letter from a mortgage loan officer!

It’s because I might be able to help some of your clients!

My name is ________ (your name), and I am a local mortgage company who does business with banks throughout the United States.

As a mortgage broker, I am able to provide mortgage financing that is not usually available through the local lenders.  Listed below are some of the reasons I would be able to help you and your clients restructure their debts and get on with their lives.

Divorce Equity Buyouts: I can refinance a home to provide money to buy out an ex-spouse’s equity based upon a higher loan to value than they can normally get at the bank.  Most banks allow only 75% of the equity.

Homes Involved in Estate Settlements: Real estate is usually one of the largest assets involved within an estate—and one of the biggest causes of squabbles among the heirs. I can help provide accurate property appraisals and financing to buy each other out.

Pay Off IRS Liens

Equity financing to provide funds for estate planning purposes – This is especially important if you are working with clients who need to fund their trusts.

My business is exclusively based upon referrals, and if satisfied clients are as important to you as they are to me, I would appreciate your referral if you are working with clients who fit into the categories mentioned.


Your Name

P.S.  I have enclosed several business cards just in case you know of anyone who might need my services.