How are Your Networking Skills?

  1. I attend regular events and have them scheduled in my calendar each month.
  2. I’m fun to be around and people gather around me when I talk.
  3. I look and act professional at meetings, seminars and events.
  4. I talk to strangers about my business and myself.
  5. If I’ve met someone before, I remember details about him or her when I meet them again.
  6. I am confident about myself.
  7. I enjoy speaking in front of groups.
  8. I believe that everyone is a potential client.
  9. I follow up with people within 48 hours of meeting them.
  10. I see myself as a resource for others.
  11. I can name 6 clients I work with because of my ability to network effectively.
  12. People contribute ideas, websites and book recommendations to me on a regular basis.
  13. I ask people to introduce me to other people I would like to get to know.
  14. I provide free advice, tips, gifts and information to people I meet.
  15. I can be counted on when I become a member of a committee or volunteer for an event.
  16. I look for all the good in people.
  17. My friends and clients regularly refer people to me.

The highest score would be 85 (17 x 5). Here is the breakdown when computing the score for each person.

From 71 to 85 Points–

Wow, you are a Networking Mega Superstar

Your score is___________.

You understand networking and have the skills to build a supportive network of friends, family and co-workers.
There is always room for improvement, but your score is already so high that you should teach others how they can build and maintain their professional networks.

From 56 to 70 Points –

Awesome, you are a Super Networker.

Your score is______.

Your score is in the top one-third, and you obviously understand that networking is an important component to your professional success. You have some great skills for growing your network.

If you work on your networking skills just a little bit more, you can easily get to a perfect score because you understand that networking is a two-way street—you give back as much as you receive.

From 55 to 39 Points –

You are an average networker.

Your score is______ .

While you have many skills already, you still recognize the importance of being connected with other people, simply because you took this quiz.

Most people who take this quiz fall into this category, but you have a great start, and with just a few points more you would fall into the Super Networker category. It’s a good time to polish your skills and take your business to the next level.

38 Points and below –

Maybe it’s just not your gig!

Your score is______ .

You have some skills to become a solid networker, but have not focused your energy on perfecting those skills. Just taking the quiz means that you have some interest in developing your very own network.

One of the characteristics of all great networkers is that they focus on making the members of their network successful and offer support when they need it. With a little more focus, you could become a Successful Networker or even a Networking Master!